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We are deeply humbled to have received the support of so many leaders in our community and those who have practiced before and worked with Judge Orden.

John D. Pappalardo, Esq., Pappalardo & Pappalardo, LLP

My firm and I are proud to endorse Justice Bonnie Orden for re-election to the Greenburgh Town Court. We have appeared before her on a regular basis, and we have always found her to be of the highest integrity. She is fair to all parties while keeping the needs of the community in the forefront. She is always professional and shows true dedication to the law and justice. She exemplifies all the virtues of a great judge.


Judge Christie D'Alessio, Judge Bonnie Orden, and Mark Lafayette.jpeg

Jarret A. Kahn, Esq., Law Offices of Jarret A. Kahn, PLLC

As a criminal defense attorney who regularly appears before Judge Orden in the Greenburgh Town Court, I can attest to her qualifications and support her bid for reelection. Judge Orden is prepared for all her cases and familiar with them. No case is too small or too large for her attention. She is very thorough and detail-oriented. Judge Orden has proven that she is willing to put in the time and effort to attend to her caseload and apply the law appropriately. 

Mark J. Fitzmaurice, Esq., Law Offices of Mark J. Fitzmaurice

In addition to being a criminal defense attorney for 17 years, I have been a local and state prosecutor for 15 years. During that time I have practiced in front of many different judges.  One of the most outstanding judges that I have appeared in front of is the Hon. Bonnie Orden from Greenburgh Town Court.  In my opinion, Judge Orden possesses just the right combination of intelligence, experience, enthusiasm, and wisdom to excel at her job.

At trial, Judge Orden maintains an excellent balance of fairness between the prosecution and defense, making sure that both sides are allowed to advocate on behalf of their clients while retaining full control of the proceedings.


While handling the court calendar, Judge Orden manifests an innate understanding of the criminal cases she oversees and what must be quickly accomplished in each case. This type of understanding comes only from years of experience spent in the criminal justice system.

Adeel Mirza, Former Greenburgh Branch Chief
Westchester County District Attorney

Judge Orden is one of best Judges that I have had the pleasure of appearing in front in my 20 years as an Assistant District Attorney. She is excellent on the law, in her courtroom demeanor, and in her ability to factually empathize with parties in front of her. The ultimate dedicated and professional public servant. The Town of Greenburgh would be tremendously fortunate to have her continue as Judge.

John H. Hughes, Esq.

On numerous occasions, I have appeared before Judge Orden while representing my clients on various criminal matters. Her courteous judicial demeanor, knowledge of the law, and extensive experience assure all who appear before her fair and impartial treatment on their pending matter. The residents of the Town of Greenburgh have chosen wisely by electing Judge Bonnie L. Orden

Andy Laub, Vice-Chair, Ardsley Democratic Committee

Bonnie is a fiercely independent Judge with a special eye towards justice, we must keep her on the Greenburgh Town Court on November 2nd.

Suzanne Berger, Chair, Westchester County Democratic Committee

Judge Orden is a skilled hardworking jurist with many published opinions to explain the basis for her orders.  I’m always impressed with her deep knowledge of changes in the law and rules.

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Joy Haber, Chair, Dobbs Ferry Democratic Committee

As Chair of the Dobbs Ferry Democratic committee, I am delighted to endorse Hon. Bonnie Orden for Greenburgh Town Judge.

I  was honored to second her nomination in February because she is exactly the type of judge we need in Greenburgh--- one that is effective because of her compassion and her humanity. When Bonnie speaks of the court – she speaks about people, not cases. She is accessible and available to everyone ---focused on the individual and their personal circumstances, not just on the law, which also she knows inside and out. She knows that her decisions can and will affect someone for the rest of their lives, and she takes that responsibility very seriously. 

Lawyers who appear before her say “she is respected across the board, prosecutors, defense lawyers, landlord and tenant lawyers, (both sides of any issue) and is more prepared than the lawyers on each individual case.” I’ve heard that a defense lawyer who appeared before one of the committees, said, “She doesn’t just go through the motions. She picks up on legal issues that no one has thought of.” 

As the mother of a daughter with special needs, I have had to navigate a legal system that can be full of obstacles and frustrations. I know that all of those who appear before Judge Orden at the Greenburgh Town Court will benefit from the  care, commitment and understanding that I have seen in her all these years.

Cecile Sia, Former Chief Court Clerk, Town of Greenburgh

It is an honor to endorse Hon. Bonnie Orden to the Town of Greenburgh Court. I served as the Chief Court Clerk in Greenburgh for 33 years and consider myself fortunate to have met, gotten to know and to work alongside Judge Orden. Judge Orden is brilliant, kind, and empathetic and compassionate towards all who appear before her and work with her. Judge Orden is of the highest integrity and is not afraid to challenge the status quo. She is professional, has an excellent judicial demeanor, and demonstrates patience with all who come before her in-person or virtually. 

Yecenia D. Tovar, Co-Founder of The LatinX Vote

I had the pleasure and honor to work with Judge Bonnie Orden during my time as Assistant Court Clerk at the Greenburgh Town Court. She is a phenomenal role model and inspiration for women like myself who aspire towards becoming a judge. Judge Orden exemplifies what a judge must exhibit in a courtroom. She is compassionate, open-minded, and just. I am confident Judge Orden is the best candidate for Town Justice and will continue to serve with equity, empathy, and character. 


U.S. Congressman Mondaire Jones

Andrea-Stewart Cousins, Majority Leader, New York State Senate

Mary Jane Shimsky, Majority Leader, Westchester County Board of Legislators

Suzanne Berger, Chair, Westchester County Democratic Committee

Steve Bass, Chair, Greenburgh Town Democratic Committee

 Mark Lafayette, First Vice-Chair, Greenburgh Town Democratic Committee

David Imamura, Co-Chair, Irvington Democratic Committee

Paula Etzel, Co-Chair, Irvington Democratic Committee

Andy Laub, Vice-Chair, Ardsley Democratic Committee

Joy Haber, Chair, Dobbs Ferry Democratic Committee

Cassandra Sweet, Chair, Hastings Democratic Committee

Cleo Oliver, Chair, Fairview Democratic Committee

Cassandra Sweet, Chair, Hastings Democratic Committee

Diane Torstrup, Chair, North Greenburgh Democratic Committee

Mike Kremen, Chair, Elmsford Democratic Committee

Linda Viertel, Co-Chair, Tarrytown Democratic Committee

Verity Van Tassel Richards, Co-Chair Tarrytown Democratic Committee

Eric Zinger, Chair, West Hartsdale Democratic Committee

Barry McGoey, Vice-President, Westchester-Putnam AFL-CIO

Erin O’Shea McGoey, Esq.

Catherine Lederer-Plaskett

Women Democrats of Westchester

The Greenburgh Town Democratic Committee including:

Ardsley Democratic Committee

Central Greenburgh Democratic Committee

Dobbs Ferry Democratic Committee

East Hartsdale Democratic Committee

Edgemont Democratic Committee

Elmsford Democratic Committee

Fairview Democratic Committee

Hartsley Democratic Committee

Hastings Democratic Committee

Irvington Democratic Committee

North Greenburgh Democratic Committee

Tarrytown Democratic Committee

West Hartsdale Democratic Committee

Westchester/Putnam Central Labor Body AFL/CIO

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